As an accomplished Engineering Manager and Web Developer, I bring a unique blend of leadership and technical expertise to the table. With a proven track record of successfully leading high-performing software teams, I excel in creating environments where collaboration and innovation thrive. My leadership style emphasizes strategic guidance and hands-on consultation, ensuring that teams not only meet but exceed project goals. On the development front, I actively contribute to the technical side, leveraging my skills to consult and build web applications for local small businesses. Through a commitment to staying abreast of industry trends, I bridge the gap between management and technical execution, delivering impactful results in the ever-evolving landscape of web development.

Software Engineering Manager

From 10/2022 to Present at FlightAware, Remote, USA

In my role as a Software Engineering Manager at FlightAware, I served as the Tech Lead for the Web Team, overseeing the development of Despite significant budget constraints, I successfully revamped authentication processes, enhancing security and user experience. Additionally, I led comprehensive modernization strategies, systematically breaking apart monolithic codebases to improve scalability and maintainability. As part of my commitment to fostering team growth, I mentored junior developers, and through coaching and relationship-building efforts, I successfully retained top talent, contributing to the overall success and cohesion of the team.

Software Engineering Manager

From 02/2022 to 10/2022 at Alaska Airlines, Seattle, WA

In my role as an Engineering Manager, I successfully led two high-performing software engineering teams, namely Seat Map and Create Reservation, concurrently managing a total of 17 direct reports. Through a focus on mentorship and individualized coaching, I've facilitated the professional growth of team members, actively promoting their achievements to department leadership and contributing to their advancement within the organization. Notably, I orchestrated the expansion of the Create Reservation Team from 4 to 12 engineers within a span of just three months, splitting them into two more focused teams, demonstrating my ability to scale and optimize team structures. Additionally, I championed and organized the first Alaska E-commerce Hackathon in over three years, attracting over 50 participants and fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration within the organization.

Senior Software Engineer

From 05/2021 to 02/2022 at Alaska Airlines, Seattle, WA

As a Senior Software Engineer, I played a pivotal role in enhancing system architecture by reconfiguring various features from a monolithic structure into maintainable microservices. A key aspect of my role involved fostering effective communication with non-technical stakeholders, updating them on project progress, addressing inquiries, and cultivating collaborative relationships. Notably, I spearheaded the initiative to replace an aging authentication system, leveraging examples and customer feedback to convince teammates, stakeholders, and company executives of the necessity for modernization. This advocacy resulted in the establishment of a dedicated team for authentication replacement and the procurement of an Okta license. In addition to my technical contributions, I undertook diverse responsibilities such as screening resumes, collaborating with recruiters for contractor hires, conducting interviews, sporadically serving as a scrum master, and presenting at lunch and learn sessions.

Software Engineer P2

From 03/2019 to 05/2021 at Alaska Airlines, Seattle, WA

In my role as a Software Engineer, I demonstrated a knack for problem-solving and adaptability by stabilizing a legacy wallet system amidst an unprecedented surge in usage during March 2020. My contributions extended beyond maintenance, as I strategically generated over $70 million in revenue by devising a method for creating and selling gift cards at Costco. Additionally, I led the design and implementation of an in-house responsive and accessible CCPA/GDPR-compliant preference system, covering both front-end and back-end aspects. This innovative system not only ensured regulatory compliance but also resulted in substantial cost savings for the company, exceeding $100,000 annually.

Software Engineer

From 08/2017 to 03/2019 at Apptio, Bellevue, WA

As a Software Engineer, I played a pivotal role within a dynamic and diverse team focused on a rapidly evolving product. I actively contributed to and took ownership of core features within our application, such as constructing a new table in an Excel-like application, implementing an efficient bulk action feature on both the server and client sides, and executing the conversion of substantial front-end components from JavaScript to TypeScript. Engaging in Agile methodologies, I actively participated in daily standup meetings, sprint planning sessions, and story estimating, ensuring seamless collaboration and effective development processes within the team.

Software Engineering Intern

From 05/2017 to 08/2017 at Apptio, Bellevue, WA

Software Engineering Intern in Test

From 05/2016 to 08/2016 at Apptio, Bellevue, WA


Engineering Leadership Principles

2022 to 2023 at FlightAware

Developing Emerging Leaders

2021 to 2022 at Alaska Airlines

BSc Computer Science

2013 to 2017 at Washington State University, Pullman, WA

  • Typescript/Javascript
  • C#
  • TCL
  • PHP
  • Python
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • SQL
  • React
  • Next.js
  • Node.js
  • Tailwind
  • Kubernetes
  • Docker
  • Netlify
  • Azure
  • AWS
  • Git
  • Agile/Scrum
  • Kanban
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